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<div>Chicken Pastilla</div>
29€ (2 persons)
Chicken Pastilla
A festival for the taste buds
More than a delicacy, this is a celebration! Deliciously Moroccan, this pastilla, a must at festivals and special occasions, is as inescapable as it is pleasing. Swinging from sweet to savoury between each mouthful, this warm and hearty starter is a delight to taste buds with its lightly layered pastilla pastry, its chicken stuffing, eggs, onions and spices without forgetting the subtle mix of cinnamon almonds: subtle but oh how necessary! Whatever the occasion, the Pastilla will always make it better.
Mechouia salad14€
Peppers, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil
Aubergines, tomatoes, fresh coriander, lemon
Cheese briouattes15€
Chicken briouattes15€
The Bride's Fingers
The Bride's Fingers
For better
Delicate and refined, this delicacy lives up to its poetic title. The smoothly crispy filo pastry encloses a delicious, lightly marinated langoustine. Coriander, a pinch of spice and a dash of olive oil complete the ingredients for perfect match between the pastry and its langoustine. A delight that assures fidelity!
Beef tartar22€
Capers, tomato confit, parmesan, pomegranate juice, pine nuts
Sea bream ceviche24€
Fresh coriander, mint flavoured oil and lemon juice
Fresh aspergus salad 21€
And parmesan crumble
Tuna tartar with cream of avocado23€
Toasted pine nuts and fresh coriander


An invitation to travel...

Lamb couscous 35€
Beef meatball couscous 32€
Chicken skewer couscous33€
Merguez (spicy sausage) couscous33€
Royal couscous45€
Meatballs merguez, chicken skewers, lamb
Lamb cutlet couscous 39€
Vegetable couscous25€
Vegetarian couscous25€
Kefta tajine (meatballs) with egg29€
Chicken tajine33€
Chicken with olives and candied lemons
Lamb tajine33€
Lamb with prunes and almonds
An age-old delight
A tale of Arabian nights to savour. This ancient recipe has surprised and delighted for centuries. To bring this tradition to life you need time. A generous lamb shank simmered for four hours and perfumed with ras el hanout, a subtle homemade mix of typically North African spices. Refined, generous and exotic the mourouzia will continue to enchant the palate for centuries to come.
Mechoui couscous
Mechoui couscous
A king on every table
First there's a tender shoulder of lamb, chosen with care, steamed and roasted the oven until the meat is soft and tender, but crispy on the outside. Then comes a soft and comfortable bed on which the meat rests, made of light and fluffy couscous, the customary vegetables, chick peas and sultanas. A classic recipe that surprises with its indulgence and conviviality.
Grilled octopus33€
And orange braised fennel
Tuna tataki 35€
With teriaki sauce, sucrine salad and parmesan sauce
Grilled camarones40€
Spicy aioli, avocado
Sea bass fillet35€
Mediterranean virgin sauce and young wild fennel


Grilled potatoes
Homemade mashed potatoes with Chorizo
Grilled vegetables, broccoli, bean, aspargus


Jules' l'il couscous17€
With beef meatballs
Grilled fish fillet19€
With potatoes


Fresh citrus12€
With cinnamon sirop
Rice with milk12€
Orange blossom, tangerine sorbet
Chocolate cake12€
Hazelnut icecream, crispy puffed rice
Lime and vodka colonel10€
<div>Moroccan pastries</div>
15€ (5 pieces) - 30€ (10 pieces) - 45€ (15 pieces)
Moroccan pastries
A smooth ending
Do we really need to introduce them? Gazelle horns, almond cigars, almond briouattes so many ways to share the end of the meal on a soft and sugary note. Traditional Moroccan cakes, always scrumptious as they are always homemade.
<div>Milk and almond Pastilla</div>
Milk and almond Pastilla
To unwrap and enjoy
Layer after layer, or morsel by morsel, everyone has their own way of eating this pastilla. Light and crispy filo pastry encloses a rich but light homemade almond cream, generously sprinkled with grilled almonds. Whichever way you decide to eat it, it's always a pleasure.
<div>Snowy egg whites</div>
Snowy egg whites
The orient dressed in white
Here's a tasty and light epilogue. The traditional 'ile flottante' (an island of meringue in a creamy vanilla sauce) that seduces and transports us, perfumed with orange blossom and covered with grilled almonds giving it a unique oriental touch. The best way to end a delicious meal, on a cloud.
Plate of fresh fruits85€
& frosted fruits to share
Fresh mint tea6€
Fresh mint infusion4€
Moroccan verbena4€
Double coffee, cappuccino, coffee cream7€


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